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Long before the current economic environment, the Butler, Vines & Babb law firm was known for its ability to stand up for the rights of a bank customer. If you suspect you have been the victim of mortgage fraud or predatory lending, talk to an attorney at our Knoxville, Tennessee, law firm.

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When entering into a loan deal, there are pages of highly technical fine print. It can be difficult to fully understand all of the terms and conditions. Some lenders take advantage of the borrower’s confusion by glossing over the details and “explaining” what the terms mean.

Our attorneys earned our reputation in a textbook case. In 1985, our law firm represented a Knoxville business in a lawsuit against a New York bank. The result was a $7.5 million verdict (KMC v Irving Trust Co.). That established our credentials as capable, effective bank liability lawyers. That case has been reported in various texts dealing with the subject of lender liability and in defining the doctrine of good faith and fair dealing.

Have you been a victim of mortgage fraud or bank predatory lending?

We have all read and heard stories about people who did not understand the mortgage documents they were signing or the credit card agreements they accepted. When those stories become your story, you need a bank liability attorney who has the ability to understand complex financial documents and who is willing to stand up to big banks and mortgage brokers in a courtroom. If you are losing your home, your credit or your business because of lender fraud, contact us for a free consultation.

At the Butler, Vines & Babb law firm, we believe in and fight for good faith and fair dealing. Attorneys that practice in the Lender Liability area for injured parties include Bill Vines, Weldon Patterson, and Jim Wright. Contact us to discuss your situation. The sooner you call, the sooner you get a lawyer on your side, the better we may be able to limit the damages.