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The biggest change in the practice of law over the past few years has occurred in the area of mediation and arbitration, and Butler, Vines and Babb has been a leader in this area of alternative dispute resolution.

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Having mediated and arbitrated hundreds of cases, the firm has been successful in helping parties resolve costly and difficult litigation and has successfully settled cases involving millions of dollars. The firm’s mediators are approved by the Tennessee Supreme Court as Rule 31 mediators and are on the U.S. District Court list of certified mediators. Areas of law in which the firm has mediated and/or arbitrated include:

  • Personal Injury
  • Contract and Commercial Issues
  • Corporate Matters
  • Environmental Matters
  • Securities
  • ERISA (employment benefit issues)

Mediation or alternative dispute resolution (ADR) is a proven strategy that reduces the costs and delays generally incurred in litigation. A select group of attorneys at Butler, Vines and Babb are certified mediators in Tennessee:

  • William D. Vines, III
  • Weldon Patterson
  • Donna R. David
  • James Kelly Giffen

BVB LawWilliam D. Vines III is also recognized as a member of the Tennessee Academy of Mediators & Arbitrators.

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