Liquor Liability


The attorneys at Butler, Vines & Babb have varied experience with regard to liquor liability cases. A liquor liability case is one where a restaurant or bar sells alcohol to either an obviously intoxicated person or to a person known to the bar to be a minor. Tennessee law refers to these potential cases as ‘dramshop’ cases. The attorneys at Butler, Vines & Babb have successfully prosecuted liquor liability cases against restaurants/bars and are currently engaged in ongoing litigation in federal court with regard to a liquor liability case arising out of Nashville.

Liquor liability cases are very difficult cases based on Tennessee Law. In addition to requiring that the bar sell alcohol to an obviously intoxicated or to a person known by the bar to be a minor, a plaintiff in a liquor liability case must also carry the burden of proving the case beyond a reasonable doubt.

In developing a case on behalf of an injured plaintiff in the context of a liquor liability action, the lawyers at Butler, Vines & Babb employ various tools, including utilizing forensic experts and toxicology experts, as well as various tools of discovery in order to maintain and preserve evidence including video evidence which may help to prove the bar served an obviously intoxicated person. The use of private investigators and internet search companies also are tools utilized by the attorneys at Butler, Vines & Babb in order to fully investigate and develop a liquor liability case.

If you have a potential claim of a liquor liability case, contact us for a free consultation with regard to whether or not you may have a viable claim.