Birth Injury Law


At Butler, Vines, and Babb in Knoxville, you will find experienced birth injury lawyers, as well as a medical doctor and a former critical care nurse to help assess each situation as quickly and accurately as possible.

Birth Injury is defined as harm and/or damage to a newborn’s bodily function and/or structure due to a medical professional’s mistake, negligence, malpractice, inefficiency, or flawed hospital policy during the birthing process.

There are many types of birth injuries ranging from minor and self-limited problems (i.e. laceration or bruising) to significant ones that may result in negative and permanent health conditions, or even death.

Birth Injury Law is a subcategory of medical malpractice law and incorporates personal injury cases transpiring from a failure to respond to the following:

  • Maternal and/or fetal bleeding
  • Fetal distress
  • Complications with the umbilical cord
  • Necessity of a C-section
  • Infections
  • Improper use of medical tools, technology, and/or practices
  • Failure to diagnose mother’s medical condition
  • Failure to identify birth defects
  • Failure to identify a sensitive pregnancy
  • Other maternal related health complications