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Tennessee Truck Accidents Lawyers Rapid Response to Truck Accidents

When an experienced personal injury lawyer responds quickly to a tractor-trailer accident, that rapid response can have a dramatic effect on personal injury litigation. At the Butler, Vines & Babb law firm in Knoxville, Tennessee, we make it our priority to get to the scene of an accident quickly.

The weight and speed of semi-trucks usually mean that a trucking accident can result in serious injury or wrongful death. The injured person and the family need compensation that will cover all truck accident injury expenses including lost wages and extensive medical care.

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Our personal injury lawyers can leave on short notice to begin work on your tractor-trailer accident case. A trucking crash involves many complex factors. The tractor and trailer may have different owners. The cargo may have another owner. Tractor-trailer drivers and their companies are responsible for safety and maintenance of the big rig and for following federal regulatory requirements.

There is a lot of evidence that must be gathered as soon as possible after a truck accident. Photographs must be taken of the scene, and witnesses must be interviewed. Skid marks and debris need to be analyzed by an accident reconstructionist. The “black box” of the truck, which will contain information as to speed, driving hours and other information, must be preserved. Our law firm is known for prompt truck accident investigation and thorough trial preparation.

We have an MD on retainer to consult with us on accident-related medical issues.

Your biggest concern after a tractor-trailer accident is your recovery from accident injuries. We share that concern. That is why we have a medical doctor on retainer who can follow your medical treatment and work with your doctors to determine the full extent of your injuries. In most semi-truck accidents, injuries are serious and may require care for years to come. We want you to have the compensation you need to get through the tough times.

Butler, Vines and Babb Tractor-Trailer Rapid Response Team

We are prepared to travel, on short notice, to any location throughout the Southeast to respond and investigate these accidents. Our firm has attorneys ready to travel to tractor-trailer (semi-truck) accident sites on short notice. Also, we have made arrangements with accident reconstruction experts to be a part of our emergency response team. Therefore, we can be on the scene with an accident reconstruction expert with the medical back up on staff within hours of any notification – night or day. Timely preservation of key evidence is vital to ensuring the best possible result in your case, and we have the capabilities to do that.


If your truck accident case goes to trial, you can be confident in our law firm. Butler, Vines and Babb attorneys Bill Vines, Weldon Patterson and Jim Wright handle tractor-trailer (18-wheeler) cases.

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