Results: Personal Injury

Exhaustive case preparation and confident, professional presentation in the courtroom or at the negotiating table have been the hallmark of Butler, Vines and Babb for more than a quarter century. As a result, we have participated in many prestigious cases and have achieved great success for our clients. Verdicts, judgments, and settlements where the firm represented the injured party include:


BV&B has resolved many more cases than above in various legal areas; However, we are not allowed to disclose the actual dollar amount or nature of each case due to legal and confidential reasons (Our sum of overall successful cases settled goes into the tens of millions).


Medical Malpractice:
  • Quadriplegia resulting from x-ray error – failure to discover broken neck
  • Paraplegia resulting from failure to properly treat staph infection
  • Paraplegia resulting from error in placement of needle in spinal anesthesia
  • Paraplegia resulting from improper placement of catheter in premature baby
  • Paraplegia resulting from air embolism during spinal surgery
  • Catastrophic brain damage resulting from improper administration of drugs following surgery
  • Catastrophic brain damage resulting from improper care following spinal surgery
  • Catastrophic brain damage resulting from improper nursing care following surgery for internal injuries sustained in automobile accident
  • Catastrophic brain injury resulting from failure to monitor anesthesia during prostate surgery
  • Brain damage resulting from failure to diagnose diabetes in a child
  • Death resulting from failure to treat impending heart attack (multiple cases)
  • Death resulting from aortic dissection
  • Death resulting from failure to diagnose internal bleeding in emergency room following automobile accident
  • Death resulting from failure to diagnose serious medical conditions in emergency room (multiple cases including heart failure and intestinal blockage)
  • Death resulting from failure to notify patient of blood test showing e coli following emergency room visit
  • Death resulting from failure to properly implant catheter
  • Total disability brain damage following surgery
  • Foreign object (catheter) left in patient during surgery
  • Death of a child during birth following uterine rupture
  • Total blindness resulting from spinal tap and inadequate follow-up care
  • Failure to diagnose prostate cancer
  • Surgical fire causing extensive injuries and burns during ophthalmic (eye) surgery
  • Surgical fire causing extensive injuries and burns during routine pacemaker surgery
  • Spinal accessory nerve injury during biopsy of neck
  • Catastrophic birth injury resulting from failure to perform C-section in a timely manner
  • Multiple cases include heart failure and intestinal blockage
  • Loss of kidney function due to inappropriate cardiac stenting
  • Failure to diagnose scoliosis in children (multiple cases)
  • Failure to properly manage delivery resulting in shoulder dystocia/Erb’s palsy birth injury (multiple cases)
  • Post-surgical care resulting in hospital-acquired infection
  • Injuries during laparoscopic surgery, including gall bladder
  • Injury during laparoscopic cholecystectomy (Multiple cases)
  • Defective heart valve installed in patient
  • Failure to diagnose internal injuries
  • Spinal accessory nerve injury during biopsy of neck
  • Foreign objects left in patients during surgery including catheters and sponges
  • Failure to diagnose appendicitis in emergency room
Tractor-Trailer and Automobile Accidents:
  • Catastrophic injuries to pedestrians struck by a tractor-trailer
  • Rear-end collision by tractor-trailer trucks severely injuring automobile driver (multiple cases)
  • Catastrophic injuries resulting from rear-end collision by RV
  • Head-on collision with drunk driver severely injuring client
  • Disabling injury to neurosurgeon in automobile accident resulting from defectively designed vehicle
  • Death of motorcycle driver involved in accident with automobile
  • Vehicle collisions (numerous)
Other Significant Cases:
  • Nursing Home Neglect (multiple cases)
  • Death resulting from home health care neglect
  • Homes destroyed and damaged during landslide as a result of negligent engineering
  • Consumer Protection Act warranty claim against manufacturer of defective building materials
  • Successfully challenged TDOT’s right to take land and demolish family-owned business
  • Defectively manufactured vehicle leading to tragic injury
  • Grain elevator explosion resulting in total disability
  • Life insurance policy proceeds recovered in question of murder vs. suicide
  • Stock market losses recovered from stock brokers and brokerage companies for inappropriate investments (multiple cases)
  • Anti-trust case for small company put out of business by large national company
  • Death resulting from train wreck
  • Death resulting from plane crash
  • Severe injuries to an attorney in plane crash

Verdicts or settlements discussed herein are not intended to create an unjustified expectation about results the lawyer or law firm can achieve or imply that the firm can achieve similar results in future litigation.