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Regardless of the type of business in which you are involved, employers doing business in Tennessee face the risk of workers’ compensation claims. Did the employee’s alleged injury really occur during the course and scope of his or her employment? Did he or she provide proper notice as required by Tennessee Workers’ Compensation law? Was the accident caused by willful misconduct or intoxication? The attorneys at Butler, Vines and Babb can help you answer these and numerous other questions relating to workers’ compensation claims.

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The Knoxville workers’ compensation defense attorneys at Butler, Vines and Babb, P.L.L.C., have been representing employers in workers’ compensation claims for over two decades, and our knowledge and experience in handling these claims have served our clients well.

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Tennessee Workers’ Compensation Law

Tennessee workers’ compensation law requires employers to file numerous forms with the state of Tennessee, provide appropriate panels of physicians to injured employees, and use case management in appropriate cases. Questions concerning application of Tennessee Workers’ Compensation law to specific factual scenarios lead clients of Butler, Vines and Babb to contact its attorneys early in claims, sometimes even on the date of injury, in order to make decisions that can have long-term and significant consequences. This proactive approach to handling workers’ compensation claims is a proven method for helping workers receive appropriate medical care, get back to work, and return to being productive employees.

The attorneys at Butler, Vines and Babb have represented some of the largest companies in the nation in workers’ compensation matters and will bring that experience to bear in representing your company.

The attorney that handles workers’ compensation defense cases for Butler, Vines and Babb is Ned Babb.