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Tennessee Truck Accident Defense Lawyers

When an auto crash or a truck accident creates substantial damage to persons and property, it can be difficult to sort through all the evidence and determine fault and liability. At the Butler, Vines & Babb law firm in Knoxville, Tennessee, we have the experience in investigation and litigation that insurance companies and other corporations call on for answers.

For almost 50 years, car accident and truck accident defense lawyers at Butler, Vines & Babb have represented clients in negotiations and in courtrooms in Tennessee and throughout the region.

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Defending a Tractor-Trailer Case

Because our clients in the trucking industry operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, Butler, Vines and Babb has established its own Rapid Response Team of legal professionals ready to assist the immediate investigation of the serious or catastrophic accident.

Our RRT is not only made up of lawyers but we are also able to provide a team of medical, engineering and accident reconstruction professionals to investigate tractor-trailer incidents on a moments notice. These professionals can provide the necessary resources to collect facts, interview witnesses and proceed with an accident reconstruction.

Butler, Vines and Babb attorneys have extensive experience with tractor-trailer companies. We have interviewed drivers, confirming their familiarity with procedures, log book compliance and issues centered on hours of service.

Our representative experience includes:

  • Representation of a trucking company sued as a result of a triple fatality accident. The case was successfully mediated based on our Rapid Response Team’s ability to investigate the actual debris present at the scene of the accident within hours of the accident occurring.
  • Successfully defended a rear-end collision in U.S. District Court for the Northeastern Division of the State of Tennessee
  • Successful representation of a trucking company sued facing four separate lawsuits from the same incident. All cases were successfully mediated expeditiously and well within the applicable limits of insurance carried by the defendant.

The firm of Butler, Vines and Babb is willing to give you and your case focused, experienced and personal attention.

We can get to the scene quickly and begin our investigation.

Our law firm is prepared to respond quickly to car accident and truck accident scenes. We are fully aware of the importance of preserving evidence and getting a full and accurate picture of the accident scene and all the circumstances. That quick response can make an enormous difference in whether your company is considered liable and how much any liability should be.

By having a medical doctor on staff and a network of experts we can call on, we can make sure develop a thorough understanding of the accident and determine a fair resolution of the case.


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The following lawyers are experienced in Tractor Trailer/Auto Accident defense: James C. Wright, Weldon Patterson, Edward U. Babb and John W. Butler.