There is nothing quite like the experience of standing in a crowd and witnessing one of your favorite musicians or bands perform your favorite songs. It is an experience you won’t soon forget, but unfortunately, on some occasions, it becomes unforgettable for all the wrong reasons after concertgoers end up sustaining injuries at the event. There are so many factors involved at concerts and festivals which, when they come together, can result in a recipe for disaster. Let’s look at what to do after an injury at a concert and if you should get a personal injury lawyer in Knoxville involved.

How Common are Injuries at Concerts?

Since the highly publicized mass casualty incident at the Astroworld Festival in November 2021, a spotlight has been put on safety measures at concerts and festivals. The volatile mix of large crowds, alcohol, and adrenaline is already a potential powder keg waiting to ignite. Still, it can quickly escalate when you add in additional factors like insufficient security or medical attention and a lack of safety protocols. On the night of the Astroworld Festival, ten concertgoers lost their lives, and thousands more were injured as the crowd surged toward the stage, triggering a wave of panic and hysteria. Over 500 personal injury lawsuits and wrongful death cases against the artist Travis Scott and the Live Nation promoters are ongoing. The family of at least one of the deceased has privately settled for an undisclosed amount with the help of a personal injury lawyer.

Incidents like the Astroworld tragedy are rare. In a recent study by NIH surveying the first aid stations at 405 concerts, 1492 patients required medical attention. This is a far smaller number per event than the large-scale incident at Astroworld. Some of the most common injuries at most concerts include:

  • Heat Stroke - This is a particular concern at outdoor summer shows where the combination of crowds, high temperatures, alcohol, and dehydration creates ideal conditions for heat stroke.
  • Head or Facial Injuries - With crowd surfing and moshpits prevalent, it has become increasingly common for participants and bystanders alike to suffer lacerations, cuts, and bruises from a stray foot or elbow!
  • Sprains & Breaks - When crowds push to get a spot closer to the stage, it can result in those in the middle getting crushed or knocked over. With large crowds and low lighting, this might not be noticed by those around, resulting in broken or sprained ankles and wrists either from the fall or from being stepped on.

What To Do If You Suffer an Injury

If you suffer an injury when attending a concert or music festival, you may wonder if you can claim any compensation. The answer will depend on the circumstances and nature of your injury. However, these are the immediate steps you will want to take following the injury.

  • Seek immediate treatment at the venue by making yourself known to medical or security staff on duty
  • After leaving the venue, follow up on your treatment by visiting the hospital or your primary care physician for ongoing treatment and confirmation of the injury. The injury must be documented.
  • Contact a personal injury lawyer in Knoxville to discuss your situation and determine if you have a viable personal injury claim.

Do I Have a Valid Personal Injury Case?

Whether or not a personal injury lawyer in Knoxville believes that you have a valid personal injury case will be determined by the severity of your injury and the way it was sustained. If you got a little overheated and fainted and were safely removed from the crowd without injury, then you likely won’t be able to file a personal injury lawsuit. In order to qualify for any compensation, it must be possible for a personal injury lawyer in Knoxville to prove the extent of damages caused. This can include:

  • Loss of earnings
  • Medical expenses
  • Loss of Consortium
  • Pain & suffering or other emotional injuries

It is also crucial that your personal injury lawyer in Knoxville can prove who was at fault in relation to causing your injury. Several people could be held liable for personal injuries depending on the circumstances. Some of these include:

  • The owner or operator of the concert venue
  • The artist playing the concert
  • The concert promoter
  • The security provider
  • The insurer representing these mentioned parties.

One or more of these individuals or entities needs to have acted negligently for them to be held liable for your injuries. For example, if you fell and broke your leg due to poor maintenance of the stairs in the venue, then the venue owner or operator would likely have been blamed. If you were crushed in the crowd due to the concert promoter overselling the tickets resulting in a larger group than expected, then they may be responsible. If you are unsure who is to blame, talk with a personal injury lawyer in Knoxville, and they will work with you to get a clearer picture of what happened.


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