It’s easy to settle down in your car, play some Pandora, and put your mind in travel mode. Once you hit the highway, you may slide into auto-pilot and obey the navigator’s voice, and take whatever exit is commanded. It’s easy to forget that you’re operating a machine and sharing the road with tons of other cars much less a bunch of trucks. Those trucks easily fall into the backdrop with your favorite song but they’re there. And sometimes those various large vehicles get into accidents. There are even times when a truck accident lawyer is needed.

But have you ever really thought about the different types of trucks that travel along with you? Have you considered that some require a CDL license? And if you’re unfortunately involved in an accident, you may need a truck accident lawyer. Hopefully, it’s smooth sailing. If not, Butler, Vines and Babb law firm can help.

Trucks Are Trucks, Right?

Nope. Just like the variety of clothing you may wear on a particular day, there are countless different types of trucks out there. Some of these vehicles require a CDL and some don’t (we’ll get to that later). There’s a flavor of truck for any business reason you can imagine. They range from -

  • Small and light trucks (tiny but handy. They transport smaller loads for short distances).
  • Medium trucks (larger than a heavy-duty pickup truck or small van). It’s common to see them as vans, platform trucks, flatbed trucks, etc. This type of vehicle tends to deliver loads to customers.
  • Heavy trucks (working towards ‘the big guys’). They consist of what you’d think about seeing on the highway when a kid moves their arm in a pulling motion so the driver sounds the horn. You may find them as cement mixers, dump trucks, and garbage trucks. If you find yourself in a tangle with one of these types, you may need to consult a truck accident lawyer.
  • Very heavy construction vehicles (the ones your kiddo may have in die-cast form as they push around pretend loads). You likely won’t see this type flying down the road at breakneck speeds since they’re more intended for construction. If you pass by a construction site during your travels, you’ll likely spot one working at digging dirt or pushing materials around.

Regardless of truck type, if you’re involved in a collision or accident with one, you may need a truck accident lawyer. Some of what you find on the road may be driven with a regular driver’s license while others need to comply with a CDL requirement.

Who Needs a CDL?

A CDL, or Commercial Driver’s License, is required for individuals driving certain types of large vehicles. Prior to 1986, rules were governed by the states. Since trucks often drive throughout the US, the rules became streamlined. After 1986, all states began to maintain the same requirements for drivers to pass a CDL exam. Within a CDL license, there are different classifications

  • Class A (required for tractor-trailers and big rigs).
  • Class B (for lighter vehicles that have commercial needs). This would apply to vehicles such as a city bus or a garbage truck. The class B license restricts how large of a truck or vehicle the driver can operate.
  • Class C (which would apply to someone driving 16 or more passengers). This license also applies to smaller vehicles that transport hazardous materials. Class C licenses may not apply to what you’d think as a big-rig but the drivers are still operating a large machine, more than a passenger car, and they’re subject to a CDL license. Unfortunately, sometimes even this mode of transportation can be involved in accidents. If a collision occurs, a truck accident lawyer may be necessary.

Drivers with a CDL license passed many more exams than the typical driver operating their personal car. Some components of CDL testing involve medical exams, drug and alcohol screenings, a written exam, and of course a driving test. Even with strict testing requirements and regulations, those operating a vehicle with this license are still human and accidents happen. If you’re involved in an accident with someone even if they have their CDL, you may want to consult a truck accident lawyer. To get an in-depth look at what’s involved with a CDL license, this site offers the rundown.

Spending any amount of time on the road is serious business. Hazardous road conditions, weather conditions, and other vehicles on the road constantly pose a threat. If you find yourself in a collision with a truck and need advice, seek a truck accident lawyer such as Butler, Vines and Babb law firm.



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