According to the Center for Disease Control (the CDC) injuries to the brain are the most likely injuries to result in permanent injury or death. Each year about 1.5 million people suffer a traumatic brain injury. Approximately ONE MILLION people in America are treated and released from hospital emergency rooms as a result of a Traumatic brain injury. It has been estimated that 5.3 million people in America alone have some type of disability as a result of a traumatic brain injury.

According to The International Brain Injury Association (IBIA), it is necessary to carry out diagnostic tests to properly assess Mild Traumatice Brain Injuries, also known as MTB's.

These types of brain injuries have been called a “silent epidemic “because many patients do not have visible signs of injury. Many times the need for treatment is lost in the treatment of the physical injuries.

A mild traumatic brain injury is defined as:

  • Any period of loss of consciousness
  • Any loss of memory for events immediately before or after the accident;
  • Any alteration in mental state at the time of the accident (egg, feeling dazed, disoriented, or confused)
  • Focal neurological deficit(s) that may or may not be transient

But, where the severity of the injury does not exceed the following:

  • Loss of consciousness approximately 30 minutes or less
  • After 30 minutes, an initial Glasgow Coma Scale (GCS) of 13-15
  • Post-traumatic amnesia (PTA) not greater than 24 hours.

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