If you have recently been injured, whether it was a car accident, a slip and fall incident, or even medical malpractice, you may be preparing to have a consultation with a personal injury lawyer in Knoxville. There is a good chance that this will be the first time you have been in this position, and it can be daunting if you don’t know what to expect. With that in mind, we have compiled a few tips to help you get the most from your first consultation with a personal injury lawyer in Knoxville.

What to Expect During Your Consultation

When you first meet with your personal injury lawyer in Knoxville, they will want to have a detailed conversation with you about your accident or injury. They will likely be asking a lot of questions and collecting a variety of information. This is necessary to get an overall view of the situation and make an initial decision as to whether or not you have a valid case to pursue. It will be helpful if you are prepared for this and have all the relevant information and supporting documentation on hand. Our tips will help you be ready and ensure your consultation with a personal injury lawyer in Knoxville is productive.

1 - Understanding the Statute of Limitations on Your Case

One of the most important things to understand if you are preparing to consult a personal injury lawyer in Knoxville is that all cases have a statute of limitations. If this has expired, then you will likely be unable to pursue the case. That is why it is important to talk to a personal injury lawyer in Knoxville as soon after your accident as possible. In Tennessee, the statute of limitations on a personal injury case is one year from the date of the injury or one year from the date of discovery. If you claim property damage, the statute of limitations increases to three years.

2 - Getting to Know Your Lawyer

Something you should remember when looking for a personal injury lawyer in Knoxville is that you need someone qualified for the job and someone you feel comfortable with. Look for online reviews to get a general idea of how good a lawyer is, but also be prepared to use your initial consultation to get to know your lawyer a little better. You will likely need to share a lot of personal information with them and may end up spending quite a bit of time together, so it is important that you choose a lawyer you feel comfortable with and who you think you can trust. Your first consultation is not just to let the lawyer evaluate your case; it is also your opportunity to interview your lawyer to see if they will be a good fit.

3 - What To Bring To Your Consultation

In order for a personal injury lawyer in Knoxville to evaluate your case, they will need as much information as you can provide. If you have any documentation related to your injury and accident, it is important to bring those with you. Some of the items that you might want to include are:

  • Photographs of the accident and/or your injuries
  • Accident reports
  • Police reports
  • Witness statements or contact details
  • Medical records
  • X-Ray or MRI results

4 - Come With Questions Prepared

As briefly noted above, your initial consultation is about getting to know your lawyer and them getting to know your case. Naturally, you will have some questions about your case and the general personal injury lawsuit process. It can be helpful to write down your questions beforehand so you won’t forget if you are flustered or anxious. Don’t forget - there are no silly questions, so don’t be afraid to ask whatever is on your mind!

5 - Discuss The Validity of Your Case

Once you have shared the details of your accident or injury with a personal injury lawyer in Knoxville, you will need to discuss whether your case is valid. While your injury may be valid, not every case will warrant filing a lawsuit or receiving a monetary settlement. It is better for you to know early in the process if this is the case rather than waste time and money pursuing a case that has no merit. Once your lawyer has the opportunity to review the details of your case and any documentation you provide, they can offer their professional opinion. If you are unsatisfied with their interpretation of your situation, you can seek a second opinion for your peace of mind.

6 - Discuss Fees & Compensation

Once you have discussed your accident with a personal injury lawyer in Knoxville and they have agreed to take your case, the next step is to discuss fees and compensation. It is common for personal injury lawyers to work on a contingency basis, meaning they will only be paid once they secure compensation for you. It is important to discuss how much the fee will be so that you have an understanding of what percentage of your compensation you will keep.

If you have suffered an injury due to an accident, make the time to set up a consultation with a personal injury lawyer in Knoxville and get the ball rolling on a potential lawsuit.


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