When a vehicle is as large as some commercial trucks and tractor-trailers, it will require much more space to navigate turns. Truck drivers are highly trained and should take the necessary precautions to make these turns safely, especially in urban environments where there is heavy traffic and narrower roads. However, accidents sometimes happen because of truck driver error or because another road user fails to yield the necessary space. When that happens, the consequences in terms of injury and property damage can be severe. If you have been involved in this type of wide-turn truck accident, then you will likely need help from a truck accident injury lawyer in Knoxville to help you navigate your legal options.

Factors Involved in Determining Fault

The majority of wide-turn truck accidents will boil down to negligence. The question is, which party was being negligent - the truck driver or the other vehicle? It isn’t always as simple as who gets hit! Your truck accident injury lawyer will look at a variety of factors in order to establish who is at fault.

If the driver of the turning vehicle is negligent, some of the determining factors might include the following:

  • Failure to use their turn signal
  • Backing up in order to complete the turn
  • Entering the turn too quickly
  • Failing to make use of mirrors or windows to determine if the way is clear
  • Attempting a right turn with the end of the vehicle too far away from the curb
  • Leaving a gap for a vehicle to get through while turning right
  • Failure to display signage warning of limited turn capabilities

On the other hand, if a driver attempts to pass a vehicle performing a wide turn, then they may be found negligent. Factors may include ignoring the turn signal or staying in the far right lane as the larger vehicle turns.

In rare instances, the fault may lie not with either of the drivers but rather with the product manufacturer. For example, if a defect in the turn signal is determined to have caused the accident, then the manufacturer could be liable for any damages relating to the crash.

Building a Case for Wide Turn Accidents

Truck accident law can be complex as several parties could potentially be held liable for damages, including the truck driver, the vehicle owner, or the trucking company, among others. This is why it is important to work with an experienced truck injury accident lawyer in Knoxville whenever you are involved in a truck accident, especially a wide-turn accident.

The first step for your truck accident injury lawyer in Knoxville will be to determine which driver caused the accident with the help of the factors mentioned above. However, the person at fault may not be the person who is liable to pay damages. If the truck driver is at fault, depending on their designation and insurance, it may be the company that owns the truck or that employs the driver that will be liable for paying damages. Each case will be unique, which is why it is important to work with an experienced truck accident injury lawyer in Knoxville, whether you are the truck driver or the driver of the other vehicle.

Avoiding Wide Turn Accidents

In an ideal world, the best solution for wide-turn accidents would be to prevent them from occurring! That is much easier said than done, as accidents will happen. However, there are some steps that you can take to help reduce the risk of these types of accidents both as a truck driver and as a driver of any vehicle sharing the road with these giants!

  • Always pay attention to your surroundings and the road regardless of what type of vehicle you are driving
  • Check your lights, turn signals, and brakes before embarking on any journey
  • Have your vehicle serviced regularly to ensure its safety
  • Always avoid fiddling with gadgets such as radios or phones - keep your attention on the road
  • Avoid passing trucks during turn maneuvers and leave plenty of space
  • If passing a truck, do so quickly and safely on the left to avoid sitting in their blind spot

If you have been involved in a wide-turn accident or any other type of truck accident and need help navigating your legal options, you need an experienced truck accident injury lawyer. Contact Butler, Vines, and Babb today for a free consultation.


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