The holiday season is usually a fun and festive time when we get to spend time with the people we love. Starting with Thanksgiving and running all the way into New Year, there is plenty of time to catch up with family and friends. However, it is also a hectic time of year where we are all rushing around, and that means that there is also an increase in the number of personal injury occurrences during this time of year!

Let’s take a look at some of the most common types of personal injury reported over the holiday season.

1 - Car Accident Injuries

One of the biggest causes of personal injury during the holiday season is car accidents. This is already one of the top causes in the United States, with someone dying in a car accident every 13 seconds, but the risk increases even more over the festive period when there is more traffic on the road. Not only that, but drivers are also more likely to be tired, distracted, stressed, or under the influence of alcohol. Poor weather conditions are also a contributing factor.

2 - Trips & Falls Involving Holiday Decor

According to the CDC, around 5,800 Americans suffer from a personal injury when decorating for the holidays. Almost half of those involve climbing ladders! Broken bones, bruises, pulled muscles, and amnesia are common injuries sustained. These sorts of personal injury are probably the easiest ones to avoid:

  • Practice safe climbing procedures when you decorate
  • Never use furniture to stand on in place of a proper ladder
  • Don’t overreach to the point that you are not steady and lose balance
  • Adhere to all safety advice displayed on your ladder
  • Don’t climb too high when on your own - always have a backup in case of an emergency

3 - Electrical Shocks

Tying in with the previous point about the holiday decor, Christmas lights deserve a special mention! The colorful strings of lights are some of the most enjoyable parts of the holiday. However, they also pose a threat of personal injury. A study by the Consumer Product Safety Commission states that approximately 5000 people are treated for an electric shock. When you are hanging lights, check for loose or frayed wires and any damage to the protective casing.

4 - Other Trips & Falls

Aside from the holiday decor related falls, we also hear a lot of personal injury stories regarding other trips or falls. During the gift exchange on Christmas Day, there is likely to be lots of discarded gift wrap lying around. Some of this is shiny and easy to slip on. Keep a trash bag handy and gather it together as it accumulates to avoid injuries. Another trip hazard to look out for is electrical cords for light-up decor.


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