Who would you turn to for advice about filing a car accident injury lawsuit? If your answer is anyone but a qualified personal injury lawyer, then there is a good chance that you could end up with the wrong advice! Let’s take a look at some common misconceptions and the truth behind them!

1 – There Can Only Be One Party At Fault In a Car Accident

This is not entirely true. While in Tennessee, car accident injury lawsuits do follow a fault system, which means that the driver who is deemed to be at fault will be held liable for the costs of any personal injury and damages suffered by the other driver and their passengers. However, Tennessee also has comparative negligence laws, which means that the blame can be split in some cases. If you are found to be partially responsible for the accident, you would only receive a portion of the compensation, even if you have serious injuries. For example, if you are 25% to blame, and the other driver is 75% to blame, you would have 25% of the value of the claim deducted from the compensation amount.

2 – Leave Your Insurance Company to Deal With It – No Need For a Lawyer

Again, this commonly held belief is not necessarily true. Insurance companies are first and foremost businesses. They exist for profit, and they do not like having to pay out large sums of compensation! Agents will look for reasons to deny claims or reduce payments if they help the insurer boost profits. It is not uncommon for car accident injury claims to be massively undervalued. However, if you hire a personal injury lawyer to handle your car accident injury lawsuit, they will be on your side and work to get the best possible settlement for your injuries and damages. If you want a fair outcome, you need to get a lawyer.

3 – You Need to Raise Your Lawsuit Immediately

Once again, the answer to this is no! While there is some merit in starting your claim immediately while the evidence is still fresh and witnesses still recall the details of the incident, Tennessee does have a statute of limitations of one year on car accident injury lawsuits. Sometimes your injuries may not seem all the severe at the time, or you may not think about the long term effects. However, if you discover at a later date that things have gotten worse or are not healing as you had hoped, then you can still file your lawsuit as long as you are still within one year of the date of the accident.

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