Product Liability Defense

Product Liability Defense

Tennessee Defective Product Defense Lawyers

Butler, Vines and Babb has represented defendants involved in products liability and toxic tort cases for over 30 years. Our attorneys have tried these cases to verdicts in Tennessee, Missouri, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia and New York.

Product liability claims are made every day arising out of personal injury, death, or property damage allegedly caused by or resulting from the manufacture, construction, design, formula, preparation, assembling, testing, service, warning, instructions, marketing, packaging or labeling of any product.

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Product liability cases pose sophisticated legal issues for manufacturers, distributors, retailers and wholesalers. These cases often involve substantial risk of financial exposure to these entities. Butler, Vines and Babb’s trial lawyers’ extensive experience includes defending companies in lawsuits wherein plaintiffs have alleged that products are defective or were manufactured improperly. These products include asbestos, beryllium, orthopedic devices, medical pain pumps, motor vehicles, water heaters, pesticides, construction materials, manufacturing equipment, consumer goods, and food products. The attorneys at Butler, Vines and Babb have defended numerous cases involving serious personal injury, death, and significant property damage and have developed relationships with national law firms and world- renowned experts that enable us to serve well the interests of our clients.

When an allegedly defective product is blamed for an accident and injuries to people and property, you need a legal team that can and will respond quickly. Our law firm has an airplane that can get us to an accident scene within hours. We have access to experts who can launch an immediate investigation into the facts of the case.


  • Successfully defended five-10 million dollar product liability asbestos cases in Tennessee, South Carolina, North Carolina, Missouri, and Georgia.
  • Won a ten million dollar product liability/ asbestos tort case in the Eastern District of Missouri.
  • Successfully defended a $50,000,000 product liability/salt case in the Eastern part of Tennessee. The case involved a 99 car chain-reaction where the firm’s client was alleged to have caused or contributed to fog resulting in the accident. Paid “zero” dollars to dispose of the cases.
  • Obtained summary judgments for manufacturers in wrongful death, lung cancer, and serious disfigurement cases.
  • Achieved favorable settlements of numerous product liability cases thereby avoiding financial risk and expense to our clients.
  • Served as national and regional trial counsel for the manufacturer of asbestos insulation products, responsible for supervision of local counsel and trials in eight states. Successful jury trials in Tennessee, Missouri, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia and New York.

Our extensive trial experience includes product liability cases.

Two of our attorneys are board certified in civil trial law. We know how to investigate and present complex evidence to a jury. Often in a product liability case, the truth about an allegedly unsafe product requires an ability to understand technical concepts and translate those concepts into understandable language. Our trial lawyers have that capability.

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The following lawyers are experienced in product liability litigation: James C. Wright, Edward U. Babb, and John W. Butler.