DUI Defense

DUI Defense

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The impact a DUI charge can have on your life is profound. Not only are you facing criminal penalties such as fines, probation, incarceration and license suspension but the public humiliation of being a DUI offender. There are also potential and serious implications on your career, future and professional life.

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DUI Defense

Law enforcement in Tennessee are cracking down on DUI enforcement. A blood alcohol concentration of .08 percent or greater is considered driving under the influence of alcohol. You can also be charged with driving under the influence of drugs. If you were pulled over and arrested for a DUI, we are able to make all the right arguments in your defense to seek the dropping of charges or at the very least negotiate a plea deal on your behalf. If necessary, we can fiercely represent you at trial.

We will investigate all the circumstances surrounding your DUI arrest including whether the officer properly administered field sobriety tests, the Breathalyzer test or blood tests. If proper protocol was not met, we can seek to have evidence against you thrown out for violating your 4th Amendment rights. In addition, many times we can argue that the subjectivity of these tests renders the results inconclusive, using experts on the matter to testify on your behalf.

If you refused to submit to any of the chemical tests, the arresting officer must have informed you of the penalties for refusing. We can explain DUI implied consent laws to you and how it may impact your case.

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