Samsung’s BrainBAND

Samsung’s BrainBAND

Samsung has introduced a project called the BrainBAND to help better understand and protect individuals playing sports from concussion injuries. A player would wear the BrainBAND much like a headband.

But the technology inside this special band will record the data from the hit. The information will be available to record a player over a long period for study purposes. But perhaps more importantly the band will transmit the data in real time to coaches, referees and medical personnel. They would wear a wrist display indicating the degree of impact on a play- again as the play is happening! This should allow immediate decisions on whether a player has suffered a serious hit and whether the player should be pulled from play or other action taken to protect the player.

Also on the band are lights showing the degree of the impact- in green, yellow and red.

According to Samsung a player may take a hit as hard as a car striking a wall at 55 Km an hour (34 MPH) or greater. That force can lead to chronic traumatic encephalopathy or CTE or a damage to brain tissue resulting in gradual loss of function. This can result in loss of motor skills, memory difficulties, depression and dementia.

The technology has been tested and has been used in the field. It is not yet ready for purchase. Below is a link to a promotional video from Samsung. Check it out.

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