Natural Brain Chemicals May Reduce Mild Traumatic Brain Injury

Natural Brain Chemicals May Reduce Mild Traumatic Brain Injury

Researchers at Hebrew University of Jerusalem have announced a chemical derived from the brain may reduce the impact of a mild traumatic brain injury (MTBI). Many patients with MTBI continue with symptoms long after the injury. According to Professor Daphne Atlas at Hebrew University, “It is widely known that external or internal injury strongly activate inflammatory response and leads to cell death… . Therefore for reducing the effects of MTBI it is essential to calm the inflammatory pathways.”

There is no effective treatment currently for MTBI. However, Professor Atlas has synthesized amino acid from existing brain chemicals which has been shown to protect brain cells from inflammation and early cellular death from inflammation.

In two independent tests a dose of the amino acid compound was given sixty minutes following an induced brain trauma In mice. The results showed an improvement related to the loss of cognitive function at seven and thirty days after the injury. Professor Atlas reported significant reduction in cognitive impairment but noted further studies will need to be done to determine if this treatment will be effective in humans.

The article from Hebrew University points out an advantage to using amino acid compounds is the use of natural materials already found in the brain which may reduce the potential for side effects. The article related to this can be found below:

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