Author: James C. Wright

Inspector Misses Defective Rail but Can’t be Sued for Injury

Charles Grogan was injured when he fell from a second story deck.  Upon an inspection of the deck railing after...

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Can An Employer Terminate An Employee While Out on FMLA Leave?

Case: Mullendore v. City of Belding Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals Docket No. 16-2198 September 15, 2017 Areas of Law: Labor...

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Stabbed with a Needle on a Flight from Abu Dhabi!

(Suits against Airlines Under the Montreal Convention for Injuries on an Airplane) It’s a dark and stormy night, and Jane...

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Dr. Claims his Protocol can Reverse Brain Damage

Based on the results of a small study of 30 former NFL players a Dr. claims that his protocol...

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Do Doctors Fail to Diagnose Brain Injuries?

The answer is YES! Sometimes Doctors fail to catch brain injuries.  An example- Jack and Diane- two American kids...

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Damage to Vision and Traumatic Brain Injury

A recent article in the American Journal of Pathology discusses vision problems and traumatic brain injury.  In fact, according...

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